Want to learn more about CBD? Host a Calm Sunshine CBD Wellness Event!

from our mid-July 2019 newsletter
What is a CBD Wellness Event?
Information about CBD (what it is; how it is derived; how it differs from THC; possible medicinal applications; scientific studies; anecdotal evidence; product recommendations, and more…) is presented in a clear, concise presentation. All presentations are conducted by Certified CBD Professionals with many hours of classroom training and education. After the brief, yet informative, slide show, guests are able to ask more in-depth questions about their particular area of interest, and sample some the products that are made available for their perusal.

What are Hosting Requirements?
To host an event you just need to have a facility (e.g., your home or place of business) that has access to a TV with HMDI outlets, space for us to put up our 6-ft. table (or provide on for us), and minimum of 8 guests willing and ready to learn about CBD and its benefits.

Why Host an Event?
It’s Easy, Fun, and promotes better health! Get together with family, friends, or co-workers and learn how incorporating CBD into your wellness regimen may help create an overall better, healthier YOU! 

Get FREE products!
At just $250 in guest sales, hosts receive a $20 product credit, plus 50% off a second product. At $500 in guest sales, hosts receive a $40 product credit, in addition to 50% off two additional products. At $750 in guest sales, hosts receive a $60 product credit, plus 50% off three additional products. At $1,000 in guest sales, hosts receive an $80 product credit, plus 50% off four additional products. The more products your guests purchase, the more FREE products you receive!

It’s All About You
You pick the date, guests, and details. We take care of the rest.Contact us today for booking:
(310) 663-0256 or


We look forward to staying in touch, and we are always reachable via email (see link at the bottom of the page) or by phone, if you have any questions. Phone calls accepted: 9am to 9pm, Pacific Time or Noon to Midnight, Eastern Time. No one answering? Please leave a message, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Dana, Donna + Jenny

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