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One Lupus Patient’s Candid Perspective on CBD

by Amanda “LA Lupus Lady” Greene TO CBD or NOT TO CBD? If you have read any online content regarding CBD (the term for cannabidiol),), you will know that the messaging can be confusing and/or overwhelming with facts and information and lots of pros and cons. Therefore, as a person who is in the “thick”…

Back to School

Hello, Friends of Calm Sunshine, Wow, is this summer flying by! We remember the days of “back to school” pressure⁠—it is a marathon! First, you try to squeeze in those last few precious moments of Summer, followed by back-to-school shopping and adjusting from a lazy schedule to one that is more rigid. Even changes in your…

Want to learn more about CBD? Host a Calm Sunshine CBD Wellness Event!

hat is a CBD Wellness Event?
Information about CBD (what it is; how it is derived; how it differs from THC; possible medicinal applications; scientific studies; anecdotal evidence; product recommendations, and more…) is presented in a clear, concise presentation. All presentations are conducted by Certified CBD Professionals with many hours of classroom training and education. After the brief, yet informative, slide show, guests are able to ask more in-depth questions about their particular area of interest, and sample some the products that are made available for their perusal.

Have you seen on us BLIP BILLBOARDS?

Recently, we have been announcing our CALM SUNSHINE business on BLIP BILLBOARDS throughout CALIFORNIA? Have you spotted any of these? Let us know if you do and what you think of us sharing the “sunshine” along your journey! Billboard advertisingBlip BillboardBlip BillboardsCBDCBD DISCOUNTEDSPECIAL DISCOUNTS CALM SUNSHINE

Our first CALM SUNSHINE newsletter!

“DD+ Enterprises is proud to launchCalm Sunshine, a subsidiary!” Friends, we wanted to let you know first! Not only do we have a new subsidiary, but we also have a new website! Our mission is to provide you with current and quality information to educate yourself about Hemp / CBD and their health benefits. And of course, to order products! We will…